Reproductive Health in Japan

Japanese reproductive situation seems very different from those of other nations. It sure is. But it is not the exotic mistery that makes ours different. Now, let's exchange the views on sexuality, life, pregnancy, abortion, child-rearing etc... I will try to explain our situation. Would you please let me know yours?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cursive sex discrimination in Japan

These days, I've been reading a lot of literature about reproductive health and rights, and keenly felt that Japanese women are still discriminated. But the discrimination is so subtle and dodgy that one feels awkward to make a direct opposition.

To inform someone in concern of the Japanese women's situation, here is a good information on the web site below which deals with some of the human right problems in Japan. It was written 7 years ago, but I am afraid most of thier claims are still current.


Blogger Philippa Fogarty said...

Dear Kumi,

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